Obviously the concept of “coupon offers” isn’t new, but what we’ve done is modify it to increase the benefits to both the business owner and consumers.

Alien Coupons was just an idea for the last 10 years …finally it took the Covid Pandemic to make it happen. My wife and I had 2 businesses for a combined 27 years. Unfortunately…Because of the Covid shutdown, I lost my customer base completely and my wife’s business, was reduced by 98%.

Being in the situation that most business owners who’ve lost their business can relate to….“What’s next”???????.

I’ve brought up this idea to my wife over the years and now again…finally she said … “You either do something with the idea, or get off the pot!!” …thus… Alien Coupons was Born.

Alien Coupons is a Business Review Directory with Consumer Savings Offers.

Because I’ve advertised in the past with some of the largest Business Review Directories in this country, I understand their flaws and we’ve made extensive improvements

Among other things:

* We don’t nickel and dime business owners, we offer ONE LOW PRICE and that’s it.

* We don’t charge the consumers for coupon offerings, why should they pay?

We know Alien Coupons is the best model in the business world today and our goal is to change the industry by providing what’s fair for everyone in these challenging times…while offering the personal touch and doing what’s right for the people.

Alien Coupons was created with the 3 Core Beliefs in mind:

1. Help Consumers Save Money during these challenging times

2. Help Business Owners get more customers while Saving Money on Marketing

3. Give Entrepreneurs the Opportunity to increase their Earning Potential by working with our company

Contact Alien Coupons today and see what we can do for you.

The Digital Savings Revolution is Here!!!