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Alien Coupons is an advertising platform, business directory and listing service, that provides features like leveled categories, custom fields, listing with multiple categories. It offers buyers the maximum extensibility to make any type of business or niche directory.

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Frequently Asked Question

Your ad will play for 30 seconds.

Your ad is not a video or animated commercial, it will be a beautifully designed static digital ad.

Yes, you can submit your already made artwork to us for use in your ad artwork.

Yes, you can update your ad design every 3 months. It will cost $125.

If you sign up today, your ad will be up and running within 4 to 6 weeks. This allows time for the ad design.

Yes, we will send you the ad design for approval before it goes live. You can make any suggestions or changes if you are unhappy.

You are in control of your website listing design and information. You can update this at any time.