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All you need to do is go to the link at the top of the page that says, “Advertise with Us“. 

Once your there choose the, “Subscribe Now” button and it will ask you to put in credit card information. 

All of our Subscriptions will do auto billing every month, so you don’t need to think about it. 

You don’t need to create a coupon offering to be on our website. That said, you’re giving potential customers more ways to find you on both our website and searching the internet.

Happy Hour is absolutely a great place for anyone that offers “Happy Hour”. It doesn’t only apply to bars or pubs anymore. You can be a Tattoo Parlor and have downtime. In this case just post your Happy Hour times and info and watch customers find you. This is just another location on our website to be found.

This is an exciting feature that we custom built just for our business clients. When you publish your events on this calendar, it goes directly to your personal events page. This is your private event page, for your customers to see all the places you will be throughout the month/year. 

Our Comment/Review section has a few really cool features. The consumer can only leave a “Review” for a business owner, if he/she is a registered user on our site.

You have three options for leaving a review:

  1. Written Review
  2. Photo review
  3. Video review.

Alien Coupons is a Business Directory & Review Site. We offer Consumers savings at no cost to the consumer. You can use our website in a multitude of ways:

Look up a business, Get the address, phone or directions of a business, get savings at a business, see the menu of a restaurant, order directly through that business and get delivery, see events that are happening at that business, look up happy hours at local businesses. 

You as a consumer don’t have to pay for any discounts you find on our website.  You can download as many coupons as you want to all your favorite places, all you need to do is Register. The “Registration” is in the top right corner of the front page. Make sure you come back for more, and let your friends and family know about Alien Coupons. 

I know Personal Service is a thing of the past, but we don’t believe that to be true.  If you ever have any questions, we have aContact Us” section, giving you the options to reach us three different ways.

  1. Phone Number – Just leave us a message on our dedicated phone line.
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We maybe assisting other people, so please give us approximately 24 hours to get back to you. 

Thank you for using Alien Coupons, we appreciate you.