How We Serve Businesses

When we say we do what’s right for businesses, we mean it. To that end, we protect your reputation online by providing you a forum to interact with consumers that leave a review for your business. You no longer have to worry if you are investing time creating a listing on a platform that is going to hurt your business by having false competitor reviews that post directly on your page, or have good reviews hidden.

We also offer a range of marketing services to further boost your business’s can create your listing for free or explore our premium marketing services. Either way, don’t miss out on being a part of the fast growing Alien Coupons Community so that you can be seen where your customers are looking! either way, don't miss out on the fastest growing business directory and savings site online!!!

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How We Serve Consumers

Who doesn’t like special deals? We provide a robust directory so you can discover local business and find deals in your local community. Getting coupons is not new, but being a part of our Alien Coupons Community means you get to support local businesses and save! Additionally, you can compare businesses, keep your saved deals in your wallet, and see what others have to say about the businesses you are interested in. The biggest bonus: these services are free to members of our Alien Coupons Community.

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Our History

A unique coupon platform that was founded by Joel G. during the challenging times of Covid-19. Our mission is to help customers save money, while helping business owners to reduce their marketing expenses and bring more customers through their doors. We also provide a platform for entrepreneurs to earn a decent income by promoting local businesses in their community. Our focus on supporting local businesses is what sets us apart from other coupon platforms. We prioritize the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, and we believe that consumers should reap the benefits. By working closely with local businesses, we can offer exclusive deals that you won't find anywhere else.

Doing what's Right for Consumers and Business Owners

We are the online directory that brings together buyers and sellers in a unique and innovative way. Our mission is to serve consumers with quality savings as well as to protect and promote local businesses. We strive to make the process as simple and intuitive as possible.

Shaping the Future of Business

We are committed to nurturing a neutral platform and are helping business establishments maintain high standards.

What We Believe

At Alien Coupons, we believe in Doing What's Right for Consumers and Business Owners. Our platform was created from the standpoint of the business owner, not Corporate America. We are dedicated to helping our community thrive, and we believe that supporting local businesses is the key to achieving this goal. We operate on three pillars that form the foundation of our business:

  • Saving customers money
  • Helping businesses thrive
  • Providing a source of income for entrepreneurs

These pillars drive everything we do, and we are proud to be the first company to offer this kind of business model. Thank you for choosing Alien Coupons, where you can save money, support local businesses, and help entrepreneurs succeed.

Looking to Grow your Business?

The option we offer for you to retain control of presence and reputation while growing your business or unparalleled by any other deal site or directory. Take control and grow with us!

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With several options to choose from we promote your business within your budget are where you can best impact your business growth.

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Promote your business with local brick & mortar locations. That's right, your business is seen by local consumers in your community!